Tuesday, June 1, 2010

grow up

Everybody grows up, and thats whats happening to us everyday of our lives. We will all grow up move out of our comftorable lives at home one day and go to University. For all I know I never want that day to come. I know I still have a quite a ways to go before I have to live that day, but before then I just want to remember all of the great things I've done and the friends I've had.

Today, it's one of my last days of school in Grade eight. This year has been the most fun year I've had in a long time. The only problem is how fast it's gone by, it's hard to remember all the things we've already done with the class and the things that still wait. I can cleary remember the first day, walking through the doors of Ms. Falcos class. Hugging all of my friends I've missed over the summer. On that day, I was already bored of school and couldn't wait for these days right now to come, but right now I never want this year to end. Throughout all of the months this year everyday was like be in jail of bordem, but the weird thing is in the past few weeks I'm excited for school in the morning. I think its because I'm sad that some of my best friends won't be here next year when I walk through those doors.

I'm excited to have classes and go out for recess. School is just a place to come and just enjoy your time. I bet this whole blog is just sounding ridiculous but it's the truth. Growing up and leaving middle school excites me but yet I'm still so scared. The past three years in middle school have been the most fun, boring and favourite years of my life, but I know I have greater things to come. The people I go to school with are the craziest, and immature people I have ever even been around in my life, but I can tell everyone is starting to enjoy school again. So I know next year when I enter the Upper school I know I will walk in happy, but minutes later, the bordem will hit again.

P.S my topic kind of changes a bit... growing up grade eight..

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

8B. Craziest Class In The World

School: A place where your a prisoner of for the first twenty years of your life, Grade 8:Grade eight is a term coined to describe incredibly immature behavior most predominantley present in grade eight students. this is not a derogatory term for a grade, but an attitude; these are the people who saw napoleon dynamite only because it became a trend. Thats more like it. Our grade eight class is probably the weirdest, most immature, hyper and best class anyone could have. It's filled with a bunch of kids who are always hyped up and just want to go crazy.

We've got Evan, Brendan and Remy who fight all the time, Wyatt whos alway making weird sounds and impersonations, Keegan and his monkey noises and then we land on Cassie. Cassie likes to make man voices, and talk ALOT. Despite the fact on how strange she is, shes still one of my best friends. Like one time we were in french class cassie was hunched over in her chair and started singing, "It's raining men hallehlouya." Doesn't sound funny, but it was in the lowest possible voice a girl could. Also she thought no one could hear her, but really everyone could.

Other fun times are when Wyatt yells "YEEEEEEEE DOGAAY!" when a teacher hands out a "fun" project. By far the Remy vs. Evan fights are my favorite. Now Remy is kind of shy and quiet it seems, but when him and Evan start talking, there fun fights get pretty hilarious. If I were to talk about everyone in our class this blog would go on forever, and even though are class is insanely weird, you got to love them :)


on cassie "in all seriousness" blog

The Cove.

Bottle nosed dolphins are beautiful marine creatures that are found all over the world in tropical waters.They are normally found in lagoons, coves and harbors. I'm not going to write and bore you with useless information about dolphins. I need to tell the world the truth about what's happening to these animals in areas of Japan.

The past few weeks our class has been watching a documentary about the Dolphin Masacar in Tigi Japan. There were people who were trying to understand what the dolphins were saying by planting underwater cameras and voice recorders. Whoever made this documentary was very good and built up to seeing the awful things done to these creatures. When we first started watching it I thought they would only kill one hundred dolphins or so and It's regular to eat the meat. I was far off.

In a small cove, at night dolphins are trapped in fences after innocently swimming into this cove without knowing what will soon happen to them. The dolphin saver people went in at night very discretely and planted hidden cameras in view of the cove. The next morning while watching the video all of the dolphins were stabbed in the spine and killed. The whole cove was filled with blood. When I was watching I couldn't even believe it was real. The sounds they were making, was so sad. It made me really want to stand up and help stop this awful thing, now it gets worse.

They pack the dolphin meat labeling it as whale meat. Dolphin meat is toxic. When people eat this they get very sick, for pregnant woman it can cause deformation to there babies. The sickness makes your senses slowing start shutting down and you are unable to function. None of this makes sense because they kill thousands of dolphins and they aren't used for anything.The government tried to cover up all of this for years until the Cove caught film of what's really happening.

So all I ask of you is to watch the video. I know it's not pleasant but it will really help you understand whatss happening in our world. Text dolphin to 44144 and you can help make a difference. Help save the dolphins.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Picture. Videos. Wall Posts. Games and Walls. Facebook is the best invention the world has every had. Personally I think it's a great way of communicating with your friends and family. Many people use it to reconnect with old friends from school a while back. I won't lie but I go on facebook everyday in the school year, and I'm obsessed along with 300 million other people in the world. Facebook is great and all but the amount of time people are starting to spend online is getting a bit ridiculous.

Their are more then four hundred million people currently using facebook. 50% of the users sign in every single day, and some even spend 29 billion minutes per month on facebook. Each day there over 55 million status changes take place and 180 million pictures are uploaded. This whole facebook scene is starting to change and go over the top. Facebook needs to change the way it functions before things get out of control.

All in all facebook has positives and negatives. I didn't mention the way facebook can be dangerous because i'm looking at the more important things. It can be good at times for certain reasons, but otherwise we should be spending are time doing something a bit more useful. So next time you sign in, think about what the reason for it is.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

super size me?

I read an article in the news paper the other day called super size me. When you hear "super size me" you probably think of the movie where a man only eats Mcdonalds for a whole year, but I'm not talking about that. This article is about people who spend all there money on food to become the worlds heaviest person. They want to be? These people must not be realizing the impact this will have on there body and mind one day.

How do they make the money to spend on all of this food? Video taping themselves eat it for men to watch. Donna Simpson makes seven hundred and fifty dollars per week off of this.My opinion on it, I am disgusted to even talk about this. It's sad enough when you see people walking down the street who are larger then life. Those people don't want to have 200 extra pounds bouncing up and down when they walk, or have to ride around on a scooter because it's not possible for them to stand. The super size me people want that, they love the way it feels having fat jiggle when you run. Bouncing when you fall, being so weak you cant function. This is the most disgusting thing possible to do to yourself in my opinion.

So what I learn out of this article is that some people have issues. Wanting to be massive is never good, and those people are going to get very sick and will never be able to get the way they were before again. One day they will learn from there mistakes, and wonder why they would ever try what they did. All I am telling you, is it would be one of the stupidest things you could do to your body and yourself. The mental impact that could end up having on you would be devastating. So just don't "try" to be fat, you'll regret it.

Monday, April 19, 2010


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